The Power of Determination

by Andrew Parsons
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His WayThroughout my entire life, I have enjoyed reading. However, I was not much into fiction and novels. I have always been a fan of biographies and autobiographies. Learning about someone’s life, and their pains and struggles, and their power of determination has always intrigued me.  I also enjoy documentaries on prominent public figures who have achieved success.

This brings me to my point. Sometimes we can emulate those we read and learn about on television. Especially when it comes to a point in the book or story when the person you are reading about overcomes some type of adversity. They have the power of determination to achieve their goal, and they overcome their obstacles.

One example of a person  that caused me to write this had to do with the story of Jerry Weintraub. I ran across an interview he gave to Larry King a few years ago.

Who is Jerry Weintraub you ask?

If you don’t know who he is, he is currently a film producer who is about to release the HBO biopic about Liberace called “Behind the Candelabra”, directed by Steven Soderbergh — starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon. He has also produced past hit movies such as ‘Diner’ (1982), ‘The Karate Kid’ (1984) and the ‘Ocean’s 11,12, and 13’ trilogy. (2001, 2004, 2007) – and these are just a few.

He started out in the music industry in his early twenties (he is currently 75 years old). After a major breakthrough, he produced Elvis Presley’s legendary arena tour, and a few years later he was organizing concerts for such musical acts as Frank Sinatra,Led Zepplin, Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond, and John Denver. So how did he engage and do business with the biggest musical acts in the world in his twenties?

In 2011, HBO released a documentary about Jerry Weintraub called ‘His Way’. In the documentary, Weintraub told his story about how he convinced Elvis Presley’s manager, Colonol Tom Parker, to let him take Elvis on tour. Instead of summarizing and paraphrasing, I am quoting Mr. Weintraub from a print interview he did on 11-10-2012 with Claudia Hager of Corporate Communications.  Here is how he told the story based on Claudia’s question.

Your unwillingness ever to accept “no” for an answer also led to your becoming the promoter for Elvis Presley…

“Yes. When I was in my twenties – I wasn’t successful at that time – I had a dream one night and I saw a billboard saying “Jerry Weintraub presents Elvis Presley at Madison Square Garden”. The next morning I called his manager Colonel Tom Parker and said I wanted to take Elvis on a tour. He said no. I called him every day for an entire year and we had the same conversation every morning. Finally, I got a phone call from him and he asked me whether I still wanted to take Elvis on a tour. I said yes, very much so. And he said: “Meet me in Las Vegas tomorrow with a million dollars and we’ll make a deal”. I agreed to meet him although at that time I had no money. I asked everyone I knew from the show business to lend me some money, but in vain. Finally I got in contact with a man in Seattle who owned a radio station. He asked me what deal I would offer him if he gave me the money. I said, “I’ll give you 50 percent of all the concerts that I ever do”. So we made a deal – he sent me the million dollars so that I could bring Elvis on tour, and I gave him 50 percent of Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin and all the other artists I ever worked with.”

If you would like to read the entire interviewCLICK HERE

This one year of his life, in which his determination enabled him to continue calling Colonel Parker and asking to taking Elvis on tour.  Mr. Weintraub was in his twenties at the time, and may not have been the right person to for the job at the time — but his power of determination and powers of persuasion earned him a shot.

That being said, what if ultimately Colonel Parker never did say yes to Jerry Weintraub to let him take Elvis on tour? I bet the determination in Mr. Weintraub would have enabled him to succeed no matter what. It is the power of determination that one needs to be successful.

The story of Jerry Weintraub has resonated with me for quite some time now. If you have get a chance to see the HBO documentary ‘His Way’ on HBO, its a fascinating watch. If you ever get a chance to see him interviewed, its a must see.

If you are struggling in your online business, or any business for that matter, always tell yourself that you are determined to succeed. Its all about mindset. Once you have the mindset, its all about execution and opportunity.

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