Partner With Anthony Review

Partner With Anthony Review – Save over $1,200 annually with this one Tool

Save tons of money with the WordPress platform.

by Andrew Parsons
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Partner With Anthony Review Save over 1200 yearly with this Affiliate Marketing WordPress Tool

This is Andrew Parsons and I'm here today with another Partner With Anthony Review. Now, if you're on the fence about Partner With Anthony, I'm going to show you a way to save $1,200 a year in tools in order for you to get started and take advantage of this great system.

This is an additional Partner With Anthony Review and I've done over half a dozen videos on the Partner With Anthony program. This one specifically I wanted to do, and it's regarding ClickFunnels and the cost of ClickFunnels and how you can reduce your costs and still be able to profit effectively and just not spend so much on ClickFunnels. Now, this method is going to save you over a thousand dollars a year, and I'm just going to walk you through it.

But if you wanted to look at some of my other videos on this, I have a ton of Partner With Anthony review videos, you can go to my YouTube channel and you can go through them there. I'm also going to put a link below to my YouTube channel below, that way you can review exactly what element of Partner With Anthony that you're looking at.

If you're still on the fence, I want these reviews to help you decide so you can move forward and basically start making money and do it at your own pace and do it at your own level.

Now, today, we're going to talk about ClickFunnels versus ProfitBuilder. Now, ProfitBuilder is a WordPress plugin or it's a theme as well that I use instead of ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels is the main core page builder that is recommended with Partner With Anthony. And so I'm going to give you a quick walkthrough on how you can save money by going the WordPress route. Now, if you're familiar with WordPress, great, if not, WordPress is an open source platform. If you buy your own hosting, you can essentially build your own funnels for way, way less money. So that's something to keep in mind if you're really concerned about costs.

Now, the cost to Partner With Anthony is only $7 a month, or I believe it's a $98 one-time fee. So it's not a lot to get started, but you do have to concern yourself with the tools. So let's get started.


Now with ClickFunnels, you're going to pay $15 a year for your domain name. You're going to have a domain name either way with your email marketing and the ClickFunnels software is $97 per month. Now we recommend an autoresponder. Anthony recommends GetResponse, which is $15 a month. Great software, by the way. I recommend it. I use it. It's got a great affiliate program as well. And then BuildRedirects, which is $19.99 a month. This is the tracking software that Anthony recommends through his program and he actually owns the software. So he has great insight on how to use it and how to make it effective in essentially tracking your clicks and making sure that what you're paying for is actually working.

So with ClickFunnels, you have a total monthly charge of $131. That's with the ClickFunnels, that's with GetResponse and that's with BuildRedirects. So your total is $1,584 yearly, just for all of your tools.

So if you have an established business and you have some revenues and you have some money to play with that's fine, but it is a steep amount of money if you're just getting started.


Now let's talk about ProfitBuilder, because that is really the core of this Partner With Anthony Review.

ProfitBuilder is a software that's a plugin for WordPress, as I mentioned, and you're still going to have to pay $15 a year. You're going to have to pay for hosting. This is another area that you're not going to do if you stick with the ClickFunnels route, because ClickFunnels will do the hosting for you. So you're going to pay about a hundred dollars on your first year, maybe up to $150 for the second year, depending on what kind of hosting but typically it'll be a shared hosting, not really expensive. So about $150 in the second year. And then ProfitBuilder is only a $68 one-time fee and this is for the highest level. I can't remember the amount of sites, I think it's up to 50 sites you can use it on.

So unless you're a high volume person, building a bunch of sites, I don't think you'll have any issues with 50 sites. And then GetResponse is $15 a month. So if we total the amount using ProfitBuilder, you're at $183 out of pocket. That's for the software and that's for hosting, getting things set up and then a $15 monthly charge for GetResponse and so it's about $180 yearly for GetResponse. So your grand total is $363 a year.


So if you do the cost comparison, you are at $1,580 for ClickFunnels, $363 a year for ProfitBuilder, annual cost.


Now, again, I think it speaks volumes and it really comes down to you; whether you want to take the time to learn WordPress and have that learning curve. Most people who are starting out, they say to themselves, cause this is what I said to myself, "Hey, I don't mind doing the work, I just don't have the money right now." And if you want to apply WordPress, there's tons of videos out there on learning how to do WordPress. I'm in the process of creating some videos about that as well. So keep an eye out for that. So let's move on.


You do have other options if you don't want to go ProfitBuilder. There's Kartra at $99 a month, same cost as ClickFunnels.


Kartra is a great software, by the way. You can go with, let me see here.


You can go with Leadpages which is $30 month


GrooveFunnels which has a free version.


We also have Thrive Architect, it's called Thrive Architect. Now that's a WordPress based, great, great platform that drives products and that's $228 a year, so if you want to go that route.


And you also have CartFlows, that's WordPress as well. That's $299 a year.


I'm offering a bonus for anybody who signs up under me with Partner With Anthony. I use a system called the 24 hour ranking system, it's a YouTube training. I can give you essentially a thousand dollar training course for $1. I'm empowered to do that from Paul Murphy, it's his program and if you are willing to do YouTube; you want to get in front of the camera and actually create some videos, it's a ton of ton of training for $1. You're not under any pressure to upgrade. You can upgrade if you want, but I highly recommend it.



So I'm going to go ahead and put my email address in as well and if you wanted to purchase Partner With Anthony, you would just send me an email, show your proof of receipt, and I'll be happy to send you the link to sign up for that. So that is great training. Now, what I want to do now also is I want to give you a quick overview of ProfitBuilder and that way you have a little bit of insight and I'm going to let the landing page or the sales page speak for itself. Let's take a look at that right now.


If you go to this page here, you can review the ProfitBuilder sales page here on my site.

It's a one single sales page and they give you pretty much all the information you need. So I'm not going to go into too much detail about it. I'm going to let the sales page speak for itself.

You can essentially build anything in ProfitBuilder. Very, very similar to ClickFunnels. Obviously ProfitBuilder doesn't have the kind of name and notoriety as ClickFunnels, but this software can really do pretty much anything and even better. Not only does it have the drag and drop builder and all these templates, it's essentially a funnel builder. They have all different kinds of templates, as you will see on the sales page.

Landing pages, bridge pages, and they also get into different sales pages, webinar pages, review pages. I mean, you name it. Any kind of page you want, you can make. It's also got e-commerce and t-shirt pages for selling t-shirts.

It's not as sophisticated as, because that's specifically a tracking software.

It allows you to establish a funnel and it also has A/B split testing and optimization.     So you can track your funnels. So you create a funnel, create a landing page, create a thank you page and then you establish that funnel. Then you can track the conversions from the landing page to the thank you page once it goes into your autoresponder. So you have the ability to do all of that. Again, I'm going to let the sales page speak for itself, but this is really the way to do things. When you're trying to run a business, you're trying to minimize costs.

You figure out tools that can minimize your costs and then if you plug into a course, a great course that is really a huge  affiliate stack program. In other words, you're getting somebody into the Partner With Anthony program that they're going to need to buy tools, and you are going to be able to make money once you get them into that training.

Now of course, if you don't use ClickFunnels, you're not going to get affiliate commissions from ClickFunnels, but you can also earn affiliate commissions from ProfitBuilder provided you use it, and then once you know how to use it, you can promote it. So there's an assortment of possibilities when you're using other tools, you can promote those tools. There's always a way to recommend products and still make money, even though you're not using ClickFunnels. So if you think wisely and think efficiently, you can really make this work for you.

So I'm going to go ahead and leave it at that. So keep in mind, go ahead and grab the bonus and leave a comment or question for me below.

Warm regards,

Andrew Parsons

I am an author and digital entrepreneur in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. Learn more about me by clicking on the 'About' tab. Follow me on this site or follow me on social media. I wish you the best of luck in online business goals.

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