Partner With Anthony Review – PWA’s Traffic Sources

by Andrew Parsons
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Partner with Anthony Review – Traffic Sources Revealed

In this Parnter With Anthony Review, and I am going to expound on some of my other reviews with the program, and we’re going to talk about traffic training. Now, traffic is the most important element to an online business. You don’t have traffic, you don’t have a business. Partner with Anthony covers that, they give you traffic opportunities as well as traffic training. So let’s talk about those one by one. 

Now, any affiliate marketing training, you’re going to need to learn about traffic. As I mentioned earlier, if you don’t have traffic, you don’t have a business.


The traffic starts with session eight. Now, the traffic for your business again, is the lifeblood. You’re going to be told how to set up your funnel, and then once you get to session eight, they’re going to talk about traffic. Now, again, I talked about it earlier. There is a lot of mentorship in the training in the program. So Anthony is going to give you an understanding of what traffic is and how traffic is key if you’re new to this business, this is something you absolutely have to understand. That’s why he goes into it in so much detail. Your online business depends on consistent traffic.

So what he goes into next is solo ads. Now solo ads is basically a one page kind of like a blog post or a written up summary of your program and what you’re trying to sell or whatever your affiliate offer is, and this is something that you purchase for someone who sells what we call solo ads to their lists. They’re going to basically take your link and send it out to their list so they can promote your program. You pay them X amount of money, and this is how you get leads, this is how you get sales, this is how you build your list. Anthony’s training goes into this in session eight. 


In some of the other sessions, we’re going to talk about fast traffic sources. Now this is a traffic source that Anthony himself uses. He’s been doing this for many, many years, and he has traffic sources that he relies on. He allows you to purchase traffic from him and he incorporates those purchases into the bulk traffic that he buys. Now, he goes into it as far as little block packages.

There’s 100 clicks for $85, there’s 200 clicks for $160, 300 clicks for $230 and then 500 clicks for $375. He even has bigger packages in that. So if you have a budget and you have your funnel set up, you can actually get started with building your list, with making sales and getting things going right out the gate and fast source traffic is available, I think pretty much immediately, and you can take a look at that and I’ll show it to you in the system as well.


Now, the next session that goes into traffic is; he goes into traffic explained. He goes into a little bit more detail in session 10, and he talks about how not all traffic is treated the same, and I don’t want to give too much away, but he talks about how Facebook traffic is different than perhaps Google ad words traffic. Google’s ad words traffic is specific to a keyword. People are actively looking on Google.  

Whereas Facebook is more of a casual traffic; people scrolling through their timeline, and then they see your advertisement. This is why it’s really important to understand traffic, how to buy it, when to buy it and how to target.


Now, Facebook traffic is very targeted and he does give the option of going with the — it’s an invitation to work with ITC, which is the internet traffic team or consulting team, and they’re going to sit down with you and actually consult with you and formulate a plan so you can approach your traffic like a seasoned professional and go into it with a plan, you have a goal, you start here, you do this, you do that and then at the outcome, you have a result. Now, they do charge you for that. It’s basically a consultation, they’re going to charge you X amount of money. 


Now, the next session is session 13 and he goes into YouTube review marketing. This is how you create your own review videos for Partner with Anthony or any affiliate program that you’re promoting, and you give a review on it and you post it onto a YouTube video on your own YouTube channel, and this is how you generate traffic. So he goes through that.


He also provides you done for you Facebook ads in session 15, and then he also goes into a full Facebook marketing training on session 17.

Now this is Adrian Morrison, that’s Anthony’s brother, and he’s essentially the expert in the family when it comes to Facebook ad training, and this is really important. 

This Partner With Anthony Review really zones in on the cornerstone of the traffic training in the program. Now, they go into a lot of detail with Facebook traffic, and there’s a total of nine modules. Nine modules that it gets into, a lot of detail about how to set up your ads, the different types of ads, how to set up retargeting, how it’s very specifically designed to target your traffic, and if you can get this set up and follow the training, and you can set a small daily budget with Facebook traffic, you can really get up and running with getting leads, getting sales, getting your list built and making sales on the back end. 


The next session is session 22, which is Udimi training. Now is the website where you’re going go to purchase solo ads. So it’ll go into a lot of detail about how to do this and walk you through step by step.


So I think it’s pretty valuable, especially if you’ve never had traffic training and this is all new to you. And then he also goes into how to sell traffic or sell clicks if you wanted to, if you were able to build up your list big enough to where you can actually have a list and sell clicks to future traffic buyers. Now, this is a long-term plan of course, this isn’t something you’re going to do right out the gate.

And I think these are really important ways to look at traffic and how to sell your own list clicks going forward, once you build up your list pretty good. Let me throw in a bonus.


Now, with traffic, it’s one of those things where you have to build it organically either through blogging, either through social media, YouTube, as I mentioned or you pay for it just as the fast traffic source pay-per-click, solo ads.

Now, if you don’t have a budget, my recommendation is to grab my bonus. Now, the traffic that I use is YouTube. As you can see, this video is going to be on YouTube as well as other places, but YouTube is a primary source of traffic for me.

I follow Paul Murphy’s – The Magic 24 Hour Ranking Formula course, and what it is is this course that teaches you how to get ranked on Google on the first page with your videos and you don’t pay any money for traffic. 

Affiliate Tube Success


Now, I do want to put a disclaimer, if you’re going to go this route, you will have to work at it but you can get a light version of this course for $1. This is a $2,000 course. I was able to get this course and use it very effectively and you can get it for $1 and I’m going to go ahead and put a video below –  and all you have to do is watch the video. 

It’s Paul Murphy explaining to you what the package is. If this is a road you want to go down, go ahead and grab this package. I’m giving it away to anybody who wants it, but you have to sign up for Partner with Anthony through my link.

Once I see that you have purchased Partner with Anthony through my link, I will go ahead and — what I want you to do is go ahead and send me an email. I’ll link my email address in the description.

Send me an email at with receipt of PWA purchase,  I’ll go ahead and send you a link to where you can purchase this course for $1. 

So that is it for now for this Partner With Anthony Review. This is the traffic that’s going to be provided to you in the training. You’ll get like I said, traffic opportunities, as well as traffic training. I think it’s a really good value for this type of program, which is a very low entry point as far as money is concerned.


Lastly, if you’re sitting on the fence about the Partner With Anthony program, and you still don’t know whether you can do it or you’re a little bit scared about taking that step forward  – hopefully this review will allow you to click the link to get started. It’s only $7 per month to get started $97 if you want a lifetime membership.


Partner With Anthony Review



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