Partner With Anthony Review – Mentorship by an 8 Figure Mentor?

Why Mentorship with Affiliate Marketing is Vital to Your Success

by Andrew Parsons
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Partner With Anthony Review Why Mentorship with Affiliate Marketing is vital to Your Success

NOTE: If you haven’t seen my full comprehensive Partner With Anthony Review, you can view it here.

Today we’re going to talk about my 7th Partner With Anthony Review.  Now I have already done a comprehensive Partner With Anthony review. It’s called the pros and cons. If you haven’t seen that, I’m going to put a link right above me as well as in the description. So you definitely want to take a look at that, but today we’re going to drill down some specifics about the program regarding mentorship. Now, mentorship is sprinkled throughout the program. You’re going to learn a lot from Anthony who is an eight figure marketer. We’re also going to explore and go over the success connection, which is a core group that you get by being an Anthony Morrison student. Now, this is really vital because you’re going to need to learn from somebody who’s already done this, and it’s basically been proven that most successful people have had a mentor. We’re going to talk about a bonus at the end that you want to stay till the end for and this will give you free traffic to drive your business. So let’s get started right now.


Well, let’s start talking about mentorship. Now, anytime you have an affiliate marketing program or any course that you get, normally it’s just tutorial videos that’ll walk you through step by step on how to achieve what it is that you’re looking to do, in this case it’s affiliate marketing, but Partner With Anthony has a lot of video instruction or tutorials, or however you want to call them that are actually about mentorship. Now, these types of videos are essential to actually overcoming difficulties because you’re going to run into difficulties and that’s why I thought it was important to do this video. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to quickly run through a couple of the mentorship topics that he talks about in the first six sessions. Now this is a 30 session course. So I want you to basically go through and understand what he’s going to give you.


Obviously, I don’t want to give too much, but the first session he talks about the biggest reasons people fail. Now, this is a really important aspect to grasp when you’re first getting started, because when you first start you just think you’re going to come in and you’re actually going to just succeed, and it’s really just a matter of mindset to know that you’re going to hit some roadblocks and success is in front of you. You just have to be sure you have the right mental mindset when it comes to that. Now session one also has module four, which he talks about registering for the Success Connection. We’re going to talk about this a little bit more, but the success connection is a group or support system through a Facebook group. Anthony also gives weekly webinars, which he gives a lot of good free tools and good information from an eight-figure mentor, and we’ll talk about that a little bit more in this presentation.



Now in session two, module one, he talks about ‘rethink success’. Now you have to kind of rewire your brain in order to know that you are going to be successful, but you kind of have to walk through with him how to go about doing that and I think it’s really important. These sessions were really meaningful for me and that’s why I wanted to cover those with you. Now also in session two, module two, he talks about the 12 principles to find the entrepreneur in you. There’s a different type of mentality from being an employee to being an entrepreneur and these are just some of the things that he covers. Also session two, module three talks about momentum. Now, once you get things going, you get your traffic going, you get a lead, you get another lead, you get a notification that you got to sell, this all leads to momentum, and you want to build on that, so he talks about that as well.


Now in session four, module one, he talks about Justin’s success. This is a friend of his that he was in college with that was able to take some of the training from Anthony. This was before he actually had a program and he learned from Anthony and was very successful and he talks about that. Also in session four, module two, he talks about money, and talks about why it’s important to focus on money, because obviously the goal of a business is to be profitable. You can’t just do it for a hobby, you can’t do it for helping people. There has to be a money motivation in there for you to be successful. So I think that’s important.


And getting into the next session, if you take a look here, session five, module one, he talks about not giving up. This is really key because, again, you’re going to hit roadblocks all the time and depending on your mindset this is going to help push you through the time when you start to doubt yourself, and that’s why this particular mentorship is important.


Session six, module six, define your ‘why’. Now this is extremely important because you have to understand why you’re doing this. Why are you taking this extra time out of your life to pursue a business? Are you doing it just for extra money? Are you doing it for a good cause? You’re looking at it as a hobby. Are you looking at it to save for retirement? You have to internalize this information and understand why you’re doing it. This will help you set your goals and again, there’s a total of 30 sessions in the program. I’m just going to talk about the first six. Obviously we’re not going to spend all the time going through every single one of them, but this is just a taste of the type of mentorship that you’re going to get. Now most successful business people and entrepreneurs have had a mentor.


Obviously you’re not going to have Anthony as a mentor directly. You’re not going to be talking to him on the phone or anything like that, but these videos really do help when it comes to going through a course and that’s why I thought it was important to go through this and give you some insight on what the program gives you as far as mentorship.


Now, let’s talk about this Success Connection. Now the success connection is a weekly live training that is done every Thursday night. You see the details on that. It’s Thursday night at 9:00 PM Eastern time. So that’s obviously in the US. Now the success connection gives you a lot of information, not just mentorship, but what it is is a support system. You’ll be part of the Facebook group.


You will have weekly training if you will and the training is really for all of Anthony’s students. This isn’t just for Partner With Anthony students, but it’s just anybody who has an affiliation with Anthony or has bought one of his programs and you can join these meetings. Now, these meetings are really good for support and like I said, that way you don’t feel like you’re on your own and one of the things about the success connection, which is really exciting is you get tons of existing businesses built by Anthony.

Now, these were all built by him on the Success Connection over the last, I think five or six years. I think these businesses were built in more recent years, but he’s been doing this for a number of years and I want to walk through them in really quick fashion on what you’re going to get. Now I’ll show you a screenshot of the success connection. All of these are available to you for free. In other words, you have the ability to go to the success connection site and download all of these businesses. You have the framework of all the landing pages, the video instruction, the opt-in pages, the email follow up. So it’s really, really powerful if you learn how to put these businesses together and you learn how to market them, that’s why it’s so important to join Partner With Anthony and understand how to promote something as an affiliate. Once you learn how to do that, you can pretty much put up any kind of storefront online and if you learn to market it, you can be successful and make quite a bit of money. So let’s do a quick walk through.

Now, you’re going to get a Udemy business. It’s a Udemy instruction business that you can post on Udemy and these are free courses that you can get traffic from and actually earn money from. There’s a three phase funnel stack business. There’s a PWA, Partner With Anthony alpha auto webinar that’s also done for you. Now, the next round is your very own lead business, your monthly newsletter business, as well as a done for you funnel club business. And there’s even better ones. If you look closely, there’s a 14 day challenge, funnel business, there’s an Instagram business. If you’re into Instagram, you can learn how to market through there. And this is a business that you can actually put together, keep as your own, make the pricing for, collect hundred percent of the profits for, and it’s essentially a course that you are given for free and there’s also a YouTube profits video training that you put together.

So it’s pretty amazing once you get involved in it and that’s why I wanted to point it out again. It’s really, really, really a lot of value that you get for joining this program. Especially if you’re new, if you haven’t had any introduction, it can seem a little overwhelming at first, but you will get accustomed to the information and once you start to apply it and you start to get that learning curve and minimizing it and starting to become more efficient once you learn this stuff, you’ll see how powerful this is. Now, what I want to do is I want to — Oh, actually, there’s more here. Ah, forgot. There’s a couple more, there’s an eight figure formula book business, an inboxer academy of business. I couldn’t even — I forgot how many there’s actually included — I put on this walkthrough.


So I’m going to throw in a bonus. I’ve been doing this recently in the last couple of videos. It’s a bonus Paul Murphy’s 24 hour ranking formula. Now this is for people who want to actually get free traffic. Now most of the traffic through Partner With Anthony is paid traffic, but if you want to go the route of building a YouTube channel, just like this channel and giving value to your subscribers, you can basically take this course, learn how to create videos and get them ranked on Google on the first page and he’s going to teach you a strategy on how to do that. Now, only thing I asked you to do is simply join Partner With Anthony and then I will give you a link to basically join the program for $1.

Now this is a $997 course. I’ve used it myself. I’m going to put this on the screen. I’m going to send you to a page where you can watch a video where Paul Murphy is going to walk you through it and then you go to the next page and I’ll instruct you on how to go ahead and click the link, join Partner With Anthony and you can go ahead and send me a receipt.


I will send you a link to where you can join this program. So that is it for today. I want to emphasize that you need to join Partner With Anthony again in order to get the $1 course, but trust me, it’s worth it. I’ve been through both courses thoroughly, and this is a really good program, and this is a way to minimize your costs and to be successful without breaking the bank. So once again, I’m Andrew Parsons. I hope you got value out of this. Go ahead and subscribe, hit the notifications key for future videos and again, the link is in the description for Partner With Anthony, as well as the link to Paul Murphy’s videos. I look forward to seeing you in the next video.



Lastly, if you’re sitting on the fence about the Partner With Anthony program, and you still don’t know whether you can do it or you’re a little bit scared about taking that step forward  – hopefully this review will allow you to click the link to get started. It’s only $7 per month to get started $97 if you want a lifetime membership.



Partner With Anthony Review



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