Partner With Anthony Review – Done-For-You Facebook Marketing

Includeds funnels, ads, ad swipe, and ad images

by Andrew Parsons
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Partner With Anthony Review  - Rare Done For You Facebook Marketing Campaigns Included 


Today we're going to talk about specifically done for you Facebook marketing materials and training that is included within the training and I just discovered this training not too long ago and I realized how much actual training there is. There's a whole separate login and password that you have to go into to get it. So it's an amazing little discovery. If you're thinking about  Partner With Anthony, I want you to watch this video, stay to the end, I'll show you a walk-through of the back office. You're not going to want to miss this.


Now, if you're looking at Partner With Anthony, you probably want to find out if this program is for you. I've done several videos on  Partner With Anthony.  You can see them all on my YouTube channel. So go to my YouTube channel and look at the very first pros and cons review that I did. It's called "Partner With Anthony Review Pros and Cons". 


You want to watch that one first before you watch this one.  Then subscribe to my channel so you don't miss out on future videos about the program.


Partner With Anthony Review

Partner With Anthony Review


But what I want to do here is I want to actually review Partner With Anthony very briefly and then we're going to dive into the Facebook marketing done for you section, which is amazing.  Now, the first thing about  Partner With Anthony, it's anyone who wants to start an online business and has no idea where to begin. This is where you want to start if you're looking to start a side hustle, if you will. This something you're going to do part-time and you're going to build up on it while you're working a full time job. That's what I recommend specifically for beginners.

Obviously, if you're a little bit more advanced, you could probably integrate this right into one of your income streams if you already have that going. Now, you can actually partner with an eight figure entrepreneur.

You can copy and paste the entire business, and you can build a full-time business even if you have nothing to sell and this of course is affiliate marketing. You build multiple income streams, multiple streams of income, if you will, by only selling one product. There's affiliate links stacked into the training and that's how you really build on a residual type of income and that's kind of the purpose of the program. And then on top of all that you get the done for you funnels, the ads, the email swipe, the training, the traffic, etcetera.


Now, the cost on  Partner With Anthony is amazing. You can start out at either $7 a month or a one-time fee of $97. So you really get a ton of value. It's 30 sessions. Each session has about probably three to six videos. You've got mentorship, you got traffic training and you have YouTube type training. You have solo ads, you have all different aspects of email marketing, tracking. So it's a pretty amazing program, but what we're going to talk about today is the Facebook aspect.  

Partner With Anthony Review


Now, what is this video about?

The video really is about Partner With Anthony's Facebook marketing promo materials and training. So it's really a done for you type of thing. All you have to do is apply it, implement it and press go and just start with it and start driving traffic to your funnels.

Now, the resources start out in SESSION 15 out of a total of 30 sessions.

Partner With Anthony Review

So you've got tons of training before you even get there, but at that point you are introduced to done for you ads, then the training starts in session 17, and that training is done by Adrian Morrison  - who is Anthony's brother. So they have a very close working relationship. Adrian is a Facebook type of guru and he's brought Adrian in to give that training. So it's a pretty distinct and plugging type of training with all the promo materials. So it's pretty incredible.

Partner With Anthony Review

Now also, we're going to talk about troubleshooting. If you've ever heard about Facebook marketing, it's very similar to Google. They have a very strict type of processes, terms and conditions that you have to follow. Now, if for some reason you don't follow their rules and you have something within your landing page, your opt-in page or your text that doesn't go with their terms of service, they essentially freeze you or ghost you or put a hold on your account and the training here will also give you a walkthrough on the troubleshooting aspect on how to get around that. So that's pretty cool too.  


The promotional materials, it includes 10 Facebook ads, includes 6 Facebook ad images, five full funnels; that's opt-in pages and thank you pages, and also includes 28 autoresponder emails. It includes two membership sites, those are done for you and the last thing is it goes into the training.

Now, as I mentioned, the training is done by Adrian Morrison. It starts in session 17. He goes into the introduction to Facebook marketing, creating your Facebook ads account, the types of Facebook's ads that you have to choose from, setting up your pixel. It also includes submitting your ad, analyzing the results as well as scaling Facebook.

And then the last section or last video, he really goes into a live type of training and the amount of value that you get for what you pay for is amazing. 


If you choose to go with  Partner With Anthony  and you basically purchase it, send me an email with the receipt of purchase. I will go ahead and send you this bonus, which is basically a YouTube training on basically how to get your videos ranked within 24 hours. Now this is a training for $1. It's a thousand dollar program that I have been basically given the ability to give it away for a dollar and this is kind of the path that I chose was YouTube because YouTube really gives you that face, name, likability type thing. It's a trust factor. You build rapport with your audience and it really helps conversion. So if that's something that you're thinking about, you want to join  Partner With Anthony, I'm going to go ahead and give that away. 


Partner With Anthony Review


But I just thought it was a pretty amazing amount of materials that he's giving you. I think for what you pay and really all you need is a little bit of determination. There is a section as mentioned earlier, what to do if your ad is rejected. So I'm going to pull this up. I'm going to have to gray some of this out, cause I don't want to give it out publicly, but it does give a what to do if your ad gets rejected and it walks you through and it's a full page dialogue on how to handle it and how to troubleshoot it. So I think that's really good because Facebook advertising can be very, very sensitive if you don't follow it to the T.

So, that's pretty much it. You'll see in step-by-step the Facebook training, you take all the materials and apply the training; Introduction to Facebook marketing, creating your ads, two types of ads, just like I gave in the overview at the beginning and then if you go to session 18, it continues. Pretty thorough, really good value for what you get. This shows another element of Partner With Anthony that I think is really, really good as far as value. You can take this entire training and become an affiliate and when they go through the training and they need to purchase tools, their goal is to be successful. So they will purchase items that you get paid for as an affiliate.  


 As it mentioned, you will also receive the bonus if you purchase  Partner With Anthony through my link.

All you got to do is send me an email and from there, I will basically receive your email, check that you purchased, and I will send you a link so you can sign up for $1. It's tons of value. I'm going to put a little bit on the screen right now and I'm going to show you what you get. It's Paul Murphy's 24 hour ranking system and if you walk through the training step-by-step, it's a ton of value for $1. So if you really want to dive into YouTube marketing, I think this would be a great move to go with the Partner With Anthony's system and the 24 hour ranking system. 

Lastly, if you’re sitting on the fence about the Partner With Anthony program, and you still don’t know whether you can do it or you’re a little bit scared about taking that step forward  – hopefully this review will allow you to click the link to get started. It’s only $7 per month to get started $97 if you want a lifetime membership.


Partner With Anthony Review


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