Partner With Anthony Review – Course Syllabus

A Breakdown of what's included in this Affiliate Marketing course

by Andrew Parsons
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Partner With Anthony Review –  A Breakdown of what’s included in this course

Hello again everybody. This is Andrew Parsons coming back with another video. We’re going to talk today about Partner With Anthony program. I’ve done a handful of Partner With Anthony reviews thus far, the best one or the biggest one and the most comprehensive one is my PROS and CONS review. So I’m going to put a link below to that video if you have not yet watched it.


So I recommend you take a look at that one. Today we’re going to get a little bit more granular. I’m going to talk about all the things that you’re going to learn in the program, such as affiliate marketing, how to basically set everything up, the tools that you’re going to need, kind of a line by line syllabus, if you will. So it’s very specific on what you’re going to get and we’re also going to talk about a bonus that I’m going to offer. This is going to help you get traffic. I recommend you stay till the end. So let’s get started now.  


So let’s talk about the step by step what you’re going to learn in this Partner With Anthony review.. Now it’s important to know what you’re going to get. It’s kind of like a syllabus of what you’re going to learn with this program. I think a lot of times what happens is you go into a program, you don’t know what you’re going to get, you learn what it gives you, but you’re not really satisfied. So this is a little bit of insight on what you’re going to get and I have to admit it’s actually pretty dynamic. So let’s do a quick walk through of what you will learn in this program.


So the first thing is the fundamentals. You’re going to learn what is affiliate marketing, and then it gets into detail about affiliate marketing, how you can get into affiliate marketing at a very low cost, if any, and pretty much anybody can get started if you have a little bit of will and desire. Now we’re going to talk about why this system is best for newbies. So he gets into that, but it’s also good for anybody who’s established. He talks about the biggest reasons people fail. He talks about the basic tools that you’re going to need, the page builder, the auto responder and the tracking software. So you’re going to get the fundamentals on the program and what you’re going to need and who it’s for. 



So the most important part is you’re going to learn how you profit from this program. Not only are you going to learn, but you’re going to make money from it and that’s the whole point. Now the whole program itself is the PWA or the Partner With Anthony course and this entire course is the ecosystem. But in addition to the course, the entire log-in and membership area is an assortment of Anthony’s products. Now this is what we call the ecosystem. So if you bring somebody in, they can essentially become an affiliate and plugin their links as well and they make money on anybody who they bring in when they purchase tools. And then that’s pretty much what the ecosystem does. It allows you to do what’s called affiliate stacking or link stacking, or you can make money off the tools that your leads or your subscribers, if you will, buy when they come and join the course. Now they’re going to talk about the affiliate offers that are built in. We’re going to get into detail with that. They’re going to talk about how to set up your profit center. It’s a step-by-step walk through, and again, step-by-step is pretty thorough throughout the entire course.  



So again, if you’re new, this is really good stuff. You’re going to learn how to activate your product, create a custom domain, purchase your own email address. So you don’t want to use a Gmail or Yahoo. You want to get your own domain, perhaps your name. Like in my case it’s So my domain is, that kind of thing. How to track your clicks. This is important to understand, because this is important to determine whether you’re actually converting, where your traffic is coming from and this is really the foundation on whether your business is successful or not. So this is really good stuff, step-by-step. Now there’s more step-by-step, it’s how to create a new email list, how to connect your autoresponder with click funnels, which is the recommended page builder. I used click funnels at the beginning, but I’ve also changed to profit builder, which is a WordPress platform plugin and theme. So there’s a different couple of ways, but it’s going to teach you how to do that. It’s going to show you how to install the funnels for a Partner With Anthony that he gives you, how to create your opt-in page. This is how you capture the leads. They’re going to go into how to create the thank you pages. This is where they land, or it’s a landing page, if you will and it’s also called a bridge page.  


So this is really good stuff to learn for affiliate marketers. Obviously the goal is to promote Anthony’s program, Partner With Anthony, but these are the tools and the training that you need to really be an affiliate marketer for any product and that’s really the long term or the big picture if you look at it that way. Now you’re going to learn how to create your email follow-ups with your autoresponder, how to set it up step by step. You’re literally looking over his shoulder while he’s doing it. I know most training is like that, but this one is really, really thorough so you won’t miss anything. You can always go back and watch them over and over, and he gets into split testing. Now, this is important as well. So you need to determine whether one landing page is more optimized than the other and you’ll learn this in the program as well. And then you’re going to learn how to maximize your open rates. He goes into a lot of things that he’s experienced on how to maximize this, how to use subject lines that work to get your emails open, then how to get your links clicked on, which is of course important. I’ve done a whole video on traffic that he talks about why traffic is important. This is really the core of your business. If you don’t have traffic, you don’t have anything. In the olden days it was build it and they will come. But in the days of the internet, there are millions and millions and millions of websites out there. You have to drive traffic to your site, or you will not make any money. That’s just the facts. So you need to learn and understand why traffic is important. 

Partner With Anthony Review Session 8


I’m going to talk about a bonus in a moment on how you can get free traffic. He goes into traffic explained. So he gives a real detailed account on why traffic is different, some traffic is better than others and how to market to that different type of traffic. And then there’s a traffic coaching, which of course is an upsell. I also did another video on upsells and all those other videos will be in the description as well. So, take a look at that if you haven’t.

Partner With Anthony Review



Now, he talks about traffic on how to get traffic via solo ads, Facebook ads, and YouTube. Now Facebook ads are really the core or the cornerstone of the traffic training. There’s a training in there with Adrian Morrison, which is his brother and he goes into many, many videos. It’s probably 10 modules on Facebook training and if you can get this up and running with a small daily budget and set up a retargeting campaign, you can really narrow down your traffic and get it going. So this is really important and that’s why I wanted to really focus on this traffic part as well. 

For a complete breakdown of the Traffic training in this course, I did a full video along with a blog post on the traffic options offered in the course if you click the link below.


Partner With Anthony Review



Now, the course covers copywriting. Most courses are not going to get into copywriting, but it really is important to understand that words do matter on your page. It has to be a convincing factor in selling or converting your traffic and that’s why Anthony plugged this in. He uses Sean Vosler, who is a highly respected and successful copywriter in the internet marketing industry and he actually invited Sean to give a training to Partner With Anthony students and there’s one whole session over 10 modules of training of copywriting. So this is really the overview of what you’re going to learn.

Partner With Anthony Review


Now, there are other things, there’s even more stuff that he plugs in. Let me go through them real quick. He talks about networking, how that’s important to learn from others, tracking conversions, open rates, click rates.

He talks about knowing your numbers, which is really important. Marcus Lemonis, he has a TV show called The Profit, he always says, “If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know your business,” and that’s very true and that’s why this is plugged in here.

Partner With Anthony Review

Student spotlights, he’s going to talk about other students who have been successful and have done what they needed to do to get sales and to get traffic. He goes into that. He also talks about emailing metrics and how you have to measure your email stats.

He gives you a stat sheet that you can plug in. I forget what he calls it, but it’s a form that he gives you and then he also goes into case studies. So he talks about things that are relative to success and this case study, or that case study shows how this is done and how you can be successful.  


Now let’s talk about the bonus. Now you’re going to need traffic. I talked about it earlier. I’ve been using Paul Murphy’s 24 hour ranking formula. This is for YouTube videos or any videos if you want to rank on the first page of Google. Now, this is a very respected person in the industry. Paul Murphy has been endorsed by Mike Dulsaine and I think Robby Blanchard, who’s a pretty successful internet marketer.

I have a link below and if you click on the link, Paul will walk you through what you get if you join Partner With Anthony.


Partner With Anthony Review


You can get this course for $1. Now this is a thousand dollar course. The Academy level is a $2,000 course, but you kind of get a light version for $1, and this will give you the core fundamentals on how to build your traffic via a YouTube channel and there’s also an option to not show your face. Depending on the niche that you’re in, that you can create videos without being actually on the video. So I’m going to put a link here. I’ll put my email address as well. I need you to essentially sign up for Partner With Anthony and I need you to send me an email forwarding a copy of your receipt that you joined, and then I’ll send you a link to join, Paul Murphy’s, get the bonus for $1. So that’s pretty much it. Again, I’m going to go ahead and put a link in the description for Partner With Anthony as well. Want you to just go ahead and join, but I do recommend you get the YouTube traffic course, which is invaluable. It will take a little work to create those videos, but I’m going to go ahead and wrap this up.  


Lastly, if you’re sitting on the fence about the Partner With Anthony program, and you still don’t know whether you can do it or you’re a little bit scared about taking that step forward  – hopefully this review will allow you to click the link to get started. It’s only $7 per month to get started $97 if you want a lifetime membership.


Partner With Anthony Review

So I hope to bring you on board. See you later for now. 

Andrew Parsons

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