Partner With Anthony Review – 4 Things Needed for Success

Are you driven to be successful?

by Andrew Parsons
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I just posted a review video on the Partner With Anthony program.  If you would like to view my comprehensive review of the program, please click here.

Now, this is another video about the Partner with Anthony Review – Pros and Cons, Costs, Bonuses and more.. that I wanted to follow up with. We’re going to talk about the four mental things that you’re going to need to succeed with this program or for any program for that matter and you don’t want to miss this, take a look.

So the four things that we’re going to talk about today, I’m going to go over in just a minute on the computer, but I wanted to go through them because it’s so very important to have the mental approach correct when you’re starting a program. Now, with Partner With Anthony, he gives you all the tools, all the training, the step-by-step that you need but you need it up here. You need to bring the right mental framework, the fortitude, the attitude, the desire, and I’m going to jump behind the computer and we’re going to go through it very quickly and just give you an outline of what you need. Now, if you have these four qualities, you will be successful. So let’s take a look. 


I mentioned, we’re going to go over success with Anthony Program again today. Now, what we’re going to do is we’re going to talk more about mindset today opposed to the step-by-step of what is included in the program. But I felt that this video is very important to shoot. I’m going to go over four things that are the mental mindset, characteristics that you’re going to need for success. Now, this doesn’t include specifically for Partner With Anthony. This could be any business endeavor, any endeavor that you do, period, you’re going to have to have these mental abilities, these mental strengths that are going to allow you to move forward. So let’s go ahead and get started and I’ll jump right to it. The first thing you’re going to need to do is be driven. You’re going to have to pass the persistent test. I can’t tell you how important this is. We’re going to get into this in a little bit more detail. You have to be bulletproof. You have to develop a long-term perspective. This is very important as well. The third thing is that you need to be informed. You’re going to have to learn every detail of this business. You’re going to have to learn inside and out and you’re going to have to immerse yourself and that’s a very important part of success. And the last thing is work harder and longer. It’s called the 40 plus formula and we’re going to go through this one by one so you can have an understanding of what I’m talking about. 


First thing is that you need to be driven. Now, the courage to persist is the one quality more than anything that’s going to guarantee your success. Now, the ability to keep going is so very, very important. You cannot quit. You’ve heard that a million times with your parents, in movies. Do not quit, you’re not going to get anywhere unless you just keep moving forward. Now, the greatest personal asset that you can have is your willingness to persevere longer than anybody else. That is really key. You have to just be absolutely determined. Nothing is going to stand in your way. Now, persistence or being driven is really the true measure of your belief in yourself and your ability to succeed. Now, this is going to be very important for the people around you to see, the naysayers, if you will, because you’re going to hear that a lot, people that say, “Hey, everything is just a front, it’s a scam, you’re falling for that.” And your ability to persevere and keep moving forward until you’re successful is going to be the ultimate vindication for you when you talk to those naysayers afterwards. I always like to include quotes. I know quotes are a bit cliché, but this one is really important for this particular trait or quality that you’ll need and it was by Calvin Coolidge.

He said, “Nothing can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.” That was Calvin Coolidge, former president. 

So I think it’s important to point out that there are people that are really smart that are just not driven. So they don’t really do anything with that intelligence. And then there’s people that are over talented that don’t do anything with it either, or they only get so far. Now a perfect example of that would be like Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, people like that that are uber talented but the reason they excelled so far is because their absolute drive to be the best. Another example with that would be Tom Brady as well. I know these are huge superstars. That’s why I bring it up. Tom Brady was not that highly skilled and most physically gifted, personally driven and he was intelligent, but all the hard work that he put in and the drive allowed him to get where he is today.


You’re going to need to be bulletproof. You have to take the long view on everything you do. You cannot let short obstacles stand in your way. You have to plan two, three, four, five years into the future. You have to know the next step, your next five steps, the next seven steps so that you know where you’re going. You have to have your goals in place and you have to be bulletproof. You cannot let any obstacles get in your way. You have to be calm, confident, and relaxed with short-term fluctuations. Now, this is very specific to the digital world. The digital world you’re going to run into problems. You’re going to hit little obstacles such as you can’t get your landing page to work right, you can’t get your autoresponder connected. For some reason support is not getting back to and it’s taking a couple of days and you’re getting frustrated. 

You have to be able to overcome those things, you have to be able to see the forest through the trees and you just have to be able to overcome these little obstacles and that’s what’s going to allow you to move forward. So ultimately the goal is keep reminding yourself that everything in life moves in cycles and trends and none of these little things is going to get in the way of your goal, which is to be successful.


You have to be informed. This is so very, very important. You have to strive towards excellence. Now the market pays excellent rewards for excellent performance. Now, what do I mean by that? You have to become really an authority in your field and by doing that and in order to do that, you have to become informed and knowledgeable about every aspect. That way you can teach people, you can be able to execute what you need to execute at that moment and you have to be able to do what you need to do to get your product to your customers so that you can get paid for them to know, and like, and trust you. And that is exactly what you will be rewarded for, is for excellence.

Now, if you are an average performer, the market is going to pay you for an average performance. If you only do half the work and you don’t get up in the morning and make that extra time or stay up a little bit later to make that extra time, or you didn’t do your reading, or you didn’t follow up on something, it’s going to show, it’s going to reflect annual figures. Below average performance rewards failure, and frustration. It’s just very logical, but these are the things that you have to constantly keep in your mind to know what you need to do. 


Now you have to have a goal of becoming an expert and learn every single detail of how to do your work better and better each time, day in and day out. So you also need to work longer and harder. All self-made millionaires work hard, hard, hard. They start earlier, they work harder and they stay later. They’re the first ones to get there and the last ones to leave. You need to practice what’s called the 40 plus formula. Now, the 40 plus formula says that you work 40 hours per week for survival. Anything above 40 hours a week is for success. Now, if you work 40 hours or less, all you’re ever going to do is survive. So keep that in mind. If you work for 40 hours, great, you’re probably doing well at your day job, but you want to get to that next level so you have to put in that extra work. Now, one thing that I’ve done, just a little tip is anytime you have some free time, you can listen to audiobooks while you’re washing the dishes, while you’re driving to work, while you’re walking around the park, whatever you’re doing, exercise, treadmill, you can listen to informative things books on audio anything in your spare time to keep you learning and keep you moving forward towards your goal and that would be what I recommend. 

As I mentioned, every hour over 40 hours is an investment in your future. Keep that in mind. Now, if you have some extra time and you want to watch a three hour movie, think about what you can do with that three hours. Instead of watching the movie, put it towards your business and become immersed in what your goal is.

21 Success Secrets Of Self-made Millionaires by Brian Tracy

So a couple of these things come from the book, 21 Success Secrets Of Self-made Millionaires. Now there’s 21 secrets, I chose four of them. This is an amazing book. I think it’s very important.


If you want to listen to this book or read this book, I could put a link in the description for you and this is a book that I listened to on audio all the time and it really goes over some really good quality things that you need to do to be a successful entrepreneur, or ultimately become a millionaire. Now, as I mentioned, I’ll put the link in the description. You don’t have to read this book, but it’s highly recommended because it’s just a simple and easy to digest book and it’s going to give you an overview of some of the things you need for success.



Lastly, if you’re sitting on the fence about the Partner With Anthony program, and you still don’t know whether you can do it or you’re a little bit scared about taking that step forward feel free to click the link to get started. I think it’s only $7 per month to get started $97 if you want a lifetime membership.  



Again, if you have the mindset, this is something that you can achieve and the link is in the description. So I hope you got some value out of this video. I’m going to be putting forward more videos about the Partner With Anthony program and about some tools that you can use to save a little bit of money cause I know the cost is a little bit high for some folks at 150 a month for some of the tools. I’ve been working out some tools that will save you some money that really do the same thing. So keep an eye out for those. Well there you have it. If you have these four qualities, then you are prepared for success with making money online with Partner With Anthony program or with any program. Now, if you got value out of this, I would hope that you would like, subscribe and hit the notifications key. As I mentioned in the overview, I’m going to leave a link for the Partner With Anthony program, as well as the link to the book. So you can grab that if you’d like but until then I want to thank you for watching and I look forward to seeing you in the next video.

For now, this is Andrew Parsons signing off.

We’ll see you next time. 

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