Partner With Anthony Review – 13 Ways to Get Paid with the PWA Echosystem

by Andrew Parsons
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In this Partner With Anthony review, we’re going to dig deep and show you 13 different ways to make money with the program. You’ll be able to make 13 times the money that you would make with promoting one affiliate program. We’re going to go behind the scenes, I’m going to show you the different links and offers that are within the program. So stay tuned, we’re getting started right now. 

Partner With Anthony Review  – The Affiliate Stack Formula 


 Now the benefit of Partner With Anthony is that you become an affiliate once you join the program and what you’re offering the people that you’re promoting it to, your prospects, if you will, is a full education in affiliate marketing. Now within the training, there are affiliate offers that you can benefit from throughout the training that makes it much better than promoting just one product.

So let’s take a look. I’m going to go through it step-by-step. As we know that PWA or Partner With Anthony is a coaching program for affiliate marketers for beginners. Now, of course, if you already know about affiliate marketing and you’re at an intermediate level, this is going to benefit you as well, because you can implement this affiliate stacking or linking into a more current stream of income, and it’s definitely going to benefit you because you already have experience. Now it is a virtual mentorship as well, so whoever you bring in is going to benefit from the understanding or learning to think like an entrepreneur.

The third thing is that the core focus of promoting the Partner With Anthony program. So whoever you bring in is going to need the same tools that you need in order to go through the training, to get your business up and running, and this is how this benefits you.


Now, as we know or as you may know, there are two membership options, it’s a very small fee to get in. You have a $7 monthly fee, so you pay $7 monthly to get the full training. It’s a 30 day training. So it’s a very good value for what you pay, or you can choose to go with a $97 onetime fee. It’s a lifetime membership. 

Now there’s a total of 30 sessions and the 30 sessions are going to be drip fed to you. So you’re going to get one session — it’s probably three to five or three to seven or three to eight videos per session throughout a 30 day plan. In other words, you have to watch all the videos of one session, and then you can’t watch the next ones for another 24 hours. So you’re kind of withheld. So this information is given to you over a slow, steady diet of information, so you don’t get overwhelmed and you can’t jump ahead. Now throughout the training, as I mentioned, you’re going to be suggested tools that you’re going to need in order to be successful in getting your business up and running, and this is what we call the affiliate stack. Now the affiliate stack starts out with a 50% commission on who you bring in. So you’re going to make 50% of the $7 monthly membership fees, so you would make $3.50 Recurring, or you would make $48.50 for a one-time commission. Not a huge amount of money, but this just gets the ball rolling.


Now you’re going to be suggested to, which is a funnel software.

Partner With Anthony Review





You’ll make 40% of $97 monthly.


Getresponse, which is an email auto responder, which you’ll need to be successful. 

Partner With Anthony Review




That’s a hundred dollars one time where you can choose the recurring option.


And then there’s also BuildRedirects, which is a tracking software.

Partner With Anthony Review





You’ll make 50% on $19.99.


And then of course, there’s other auto responders such as AWeber.

Partner With Anthony Review






You make 30% recurring sales.



Anthony has a couple of things that he implements throughout the training above and beyond the core tools, which would be the Digital Marketing Mastermind.

Partner With Anthony Review





He promotes that you need to be involved in listening and hearing and seeing what others are doing, bounce ideas off each other and be in the know about what successful people are doing. You would make 50% off a $7 monthly recurring.  


The Morrison Insider Newsletter, which gives you a lot of insight on how he’s doing his business, how he’s calculating his figures, how he’s split testing, all kinds of the inside information that is really good for you to learn and help you have insight on how to really track your business and whether it’s actually performing well. That’s $9.95 a month


And then there’s, which is essentially GoDaddy, how to buy a domain. So when somebody buys a domain, you get a percentage on that.


And then there’s the Facebook Bootcamp, which is Adrian Morrison, Anthony’s brother it’s a quarterly course that you would take to stay in the loop, and in the know on Facebook, their ads, their changes, their rules or regulations to stay abreast on make sure you’re compliant with Facebook. So you would get paid a 50% commission on that as well. Now, moving on, you would get Udimi, it’s a solo ads provider. You would get a commission on that. I believe it’s 50%, it might be a little less. I can’t remember, but I think it’s 50%.


You would get Sean Volser’s Book, 50% of $37. Sean Volser is introduced in the training and I believe it’s the last four sessions. He goes over a very detailed copywriting training, which is invaluable.  This type of training you don’t normally see in these types of courses that are relatively inexpensive as this one is.


And then of course, there’s the Mobile Opt-in Software, which is promoted at the very end in the last five sessions, which is a software that enables you to collect the email address from somebody without having them provide you a fake email address or a less used email address and it allows you to respond to them as opposed to collect their email address. This is a software that can be very beneficial in increasing your open rate and your bounce back rate as well. So it’s a software that you can get paid on and you don’t even have to purchase it.


And then of course, there’s the Ambassador Program. That’s the upgrade program to where if you purchase that, you would make 50% on anybody else who purchases that, and you would also make commissions on every product that Anthony has available throughout his ecosystem. 

partner with anthony review





So there are tons of ways to make money throughout this system, opposed to just promoting one product and then having to find another new unique customer to promote that same product. Again, you just get someone into the ecosystem and as they buy tools, you’ll get paid on.


So let’s go over the realistic benefit of bringing someone into the program. Now they’re not always going to purchase every single tool or every single upgrade, but it’s very likely, of course, they’re going to pay for the membership either $48.50 one time, which would be 50% of $97 or $.350 recurring. They’re going to need a page builder. So you’re going to earn $38.80, which is 40% of $97 monthly. And then GetResponse, which I recommend going with a hundred dollars onetime fee. That would be about $42 recurring plus just under $150 one time for every customer you bring in. Then all you have to do from this point on is just bring folks into the program, bring them into your funnel, learn traffic techniques, which we’re going to go over in a couple of videos coming out that I’m going to do probably very shortly here and release it. So it really, your goal would be to generate traffic and make these commissions.


So that is it for this Partner With Anthony Review. This is the insight that I want to give you while helping you make your decision to get into the program. I’m going to leave a link in the description as I always do. So if you’re ready to join the program, go ahead and join below. Click the link, get started, watch the live video. My name is Andrew Parsons. If you have any questions, go ahead and leave it in the comments, I’d be happy to respond. Hit the like button, subscribe and hit the notification key as well. We’ll see you the next video 


Lastly, if you’re sitting on the fence about the Partner With Anthony program, and you still don’t know whether you can do it or you’re a little bit scared about taking that step forward  – hopefully this review will allow you to click the link to get started. It’s only $7 per month to get started $97 if you want a lifetime membership.



Andrew Parsons

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