Is Affiliate Marketing Overwhelming? 3 Mistakes Made by Beginners

by Andrew Parsons
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In this video, we will be talking about getting started with affiliate marketing and if you are just getting started, yes, it can be overwhelming.  The internet is crawling with folks who tell you how easy it is to get started – and that is in essence true. But there are a few things you need to learn before diving in. The question at hand before you start is – is affiliate marketing overwhelming?

If you are eager to earn income online via digital marketing and have the desire to break free from the daily grind, then this video is for you. 

Is affiliate marketing overwhelming?

As any internet marketer, I have had my share of pitfalls along the way.  The road to success can be long.Like most people, I have a story to tell. Perhaps many of you can relate to my professional life in the cruel corporate world, or any ‘regular job’ for that matter, which I won’t get into today. I am sure more than a few people who will watch this can relate to the up and downs of the having a job and the daily grind.So what is the right path to financial success? How does one start any type of business with very little capital for start up costs?

The first thing that came to my attention was the affiliate marketing business. 


Well, anytime you are online,  it is 100% possible that you have been surrounded by affiliate marketers. In fact, you could have been surrounded by them on a daily basis -and didn’t even know it. The affiliate marketing business is quite lucrative. To put in simply, huge companies like CostCo, Nutrisystem, Target,, and many other big companies will use affiliate marketers to place ads for them on the internet. The biggest industries are the home based business industry and health and wellness. If you or I, as an affiliate, place an ad in which someone clicks on that ad -and buys the product- we will receive a commission for the sale of that product. It’s that simple. Or is it?

If you are interested in the making ‘money online niche’, take a look at,, and  These platforms offer digital products which are a lot easier to to get started with and you can scale up rather quickly.

You can get started today simply by promoting digital products with your own affiliate link. Do a little research and you can discover how many affiliate programs are really out there. You are now on the threshold of being in business for yourself. And that is exciting!

The greatest thing about the affiliate marketing business is that you can get started right away. You won’t need your own product or even your own website.

Creating your own product to promote and sell online can take weeks – or even months to create.

If you are just trying to get out of the starting blocks, try promoting an affiliate product. You really want to follow these three rules when starting out.

Number 1. Take your time.

The problem I came across very quickly in the affiliate marketing business how do you discern all of the information that is out there? The first instinct everyone has is – ‘how can I make money really fast?’ How do I make a web page? I didn’t know the first thing about building a landing page, a bridge page, auto-responders, thank you pages….well, you get the picture.

There are so many internet marketers out there – selling the dream. Telling you how easy it will be to simply push a button and become a success in a few hours.

In my experience, I would pick a very popular product in the making money online space on Clickbank to promote – and then – I would purchase it to take it for a test ride. Before I knew it, was looking at another product somewhere else, or an MLM product which made big promises. I got sidetracked 5 times over from what I really intended to do, which was promote a Clickbank product to get started.

The ‘shiny object syndrome’ – you will be heavily and thoroughly enticed to buy products on the internet that make HUGE promises. You will see headlines like “ How a ‘stay at home mom’ makes $75,000 in just 4 days with her first affiliate product!!”

Yes, these advertisements are everywhere. Don’t fall into those traps.

Number 2. Apply Your Learning Curve

Let’s take a step back and analyze how the view the affiliate marketing learning curve experience. 

 If you were like me, you probably have had many different jobs in your lifetime. Some of them good, some of them bad, and some you loved but you moved on one way or another. In all of those jobs, there was a learning curve in order to perfect your skills and performance. In fact, we go to work every day, do the same thing(usually) on a daily basis. Then once you think you know the job like the back of your hand, you learn something new from a co-worker or have to learn a new software system.

This makes your job a lot easier, because you are now able to apply this new skill to your job tasks. Now you are even better at your job – and now you have more confidence. It usually takes about 6 months to really learn your job and know it like you know your name.

The same thing works for any type affiliate marketing business and marketing on the internet. You have to learn how to do it. You have to sharpen your skills. You have to put the time in to learning it.

You may not make huge money for quite a while – but you will make some sales along the way.

But once  you learn how to do it, you may never have to work for any large corporation again. That has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it. Start by learning the basics. Wrap your head around the concept. Read some books on the subject. It okay to spend a little money on your education, but don’t invest too much too soon.

Number 3. Collect email addresses

As I mentioned earlier, the first thing a newbie wants to do is make money immediately. They are usually online because they are in need of making some money pretty quick -that is what brought them to seek online opportunities in the first place.

The first thought of a newbie is to find a great product on (or any affiliate site or MLM opportunity), start promoting their affiliate link with PPC campaigns ( very dangerous to start out with), and hopefully earn a few sales. The immediately logic is to simply promote the link and hope to make enough sales to cover your advertising costs in order to make a profit. It sounds really easy at first. This takes time to perfect and a lot of trial and error by split testing. I don’t advocate doing this until you have a healthy advertising budget to play around with, and results are not guaranteed.

 A new affiliate marketer really doesn’t grasp the concept of follow up systems and providing great content up front before attempting to sell products to their subscribers (frankly, I didn’t grasp it right away.)

The immediately logic is to simply promote the link and hope to make enough sales to cover your advertising costs in order to make a profit. It sounds really easy at first. This takes time to perfect and a lot of trial and error by split testing. I don’t advocate doing this.

Most beginners are not aware of the money they are leaving on the table by not capturing the potential buyers email address with their marketing campaign. Most consumers do not buy on their first introduction or exposure to the product. You have to have a follow up email marketing system in place using an auto-responder. This is a software which will send automated email sequences to your leads on auto-pilot. I will leave a link in the description to another one of my videos where you can sign for one for free. Statistics show that most consumers will not buy until the seventh follow up, making an auto-responder and absolute must have.

Real businesses are built on repeat customers. Can a restaurant survive on first time customers only? One has to market to customers by building trust, providing value, and of course expose them to great products which will allow you to earn a commission. Keep this in mind if you are just starting out.

Okay, so if you follow these three guidelines when starting out, you will be much more poised for success. I’m Andrew Parsons and make sure to hit that like button to show your support and also subscribe to watch more videos on mastering the skill of digital marketing right here on The Digital Media Insider. 

If you are looking to get started with affiliate marketing, you can start with Parner with Anthony Program, which I recommend to those who are just getting started with a limited budget.


Andrew Parsons

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