How Hard is it To Make Money on YouTube?

by Andrew Parsons
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So, how hard it is to make money on YouTube?

The truth is, it is not too difficult with a little effort invested on your part.

I discuss two methods in which one could make money on YouTube, one I recommend, and the second method I DO NOT recommend. Most people think of the daunting task of growing a YouTube channel and how to get subscribers, views, etc. This overview will bring an awareness that YouTube can be monetized rather quickly without depending on a huge subscriber list.

METHOD #1- Become a YouTube Partner and earn from ads.

For any aspiring YouTuber, you can choose to join the YouTube Partner program.

You will have to accululate a minimum of 4000 watch hours on your videos in a 12 month period. And within that 12 months, you must obtain 1000 subscribers.

I do not recommend this method of monetization. Ads pay out little unless you have thousands of views, not to mention the viewer is interupted from viewing your content. Nobody likes commercials, so this method is not ideal unless your are determined to build a huge channel and churn out content on a full time basis.

METHOD #2 – Use Affiliate Links under each YouTube video

When creating your YouTube channel, just concern yourself with picking a niche and topic you have a good knowledge of and create videos surrounding that topic. You can do product reviews and place affiliate links in the description box below your video and reference these links with a call-to-action at the end of each video. Remember, when doing this, you are not selling, but simply reviewing the product or illustrating the benefits of having, using, or owning that products. Once viewers see your are an authority on the product or industry in which you are discussing, they will trust your opinion and purchase the product based on your knowledge and experience that you convey in your video reviews. This can be quite lucrative if you master this skill and generate views to your videos. This puts eyeballs on your affiliate links, which in turn will earn you commisions.

This method is very similar to creating a blog and writing product reviews. Your videos will be search engine optimized for people who are searching for a solution to their problem. Your review will help them to decide if they want to purchase the product – provided they trust you. This is why it is important not to SELL in these videos, but just demonstrate the benefits of the product.

Additionally, you can maximize your revenue by starting a blog alongside your new YouTube channel and add your affiliate links and embedded YouTube video on your personal blog site. This website will give you more credibility as a trust resource and drive more traffic to your videos.

If you are looking to get started with affiliate marketing, you can start with Parner with Anthony Program, which I recommend to those who are just getting started with a limited budget.


Andrew Parsons

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