Good Starter Affiliate Programs – Earn $100 per sale

by Andrew Parsons
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Good Starter Affiliate Programs

When just starting out with affiliate marketing, it can be difficult to determine where to start, specifically with what product to promote. Most courses and YouTubers will refer you to the Affiliate Network websites, and you can find products in a gazillion different niches to promote. However, I recommend when searching for good affiliate starter programs – a very good product that all businesses will need if they are marketing online, which is

Here’s is a list why:


  1. Free to join
  2. No approval required
  3. $100 for every sale referred ( Bounty Program)
  4. 33% – recurring option
  5. Affiliate tools (ads, email swipe, videos)
  6. 120 day cookie
  7. Don’t need to be a customer
  8. No cap on earnings
  9. Payout 60-75 days from time of referral

Not only does this affiliate product offer great payouts, but it gives you credibility as an online authority since this is a quality software product that any business owner can use if they are marketing online.

I am not saying you can’t promote products on the big affiliate networks, but be careful what you promote because many of those products can be hypey, and may not deliver. The goal is to build your brand as an affiliate marketer. You want people to buy from you again. You wan’t your audience to know you, like you and trust you., If you promote a bogus product that overpromises and under-delivers, then you will lose credibility with your audience.

Be selective when choosing products on these sites:

CLICKBANK.COM – Anyone can join, you don’t need to request approval. You can promote any link
JVZOO.COM – No requirement to join, but you will be required to be approved for individual products
WARRIORPLUS.COM -No requirement to join, but you will be required to be approved for individual products


  1. 15 years in business
  2. Global offices in Poland, US, Canada, Malaysia, and Russia
  3. 300 employees

You can promote this product three ways:

  1. YouTube reviews – Start a YouTube channel and do a review on GetResponse illustrating the benefits of using the product over its competitors (,,,, etc)
  2. Reach out to local businesses and offer free setup if they use your link
  3. Promote link to your email list? Build a list by teaching basic digital marketing skills via blog, video, or courses

Remember, when you become an authority in digital marketing and have the ability to teach someone how to do it, you simply recommend tools someone will need for success. You are earning their trust by providing value, then the sales will come automatically.

f you are looking to get started with affiliate marketing, you can start with Parner with Anthony Program, which I recommend to those who are just getting started with a limited budget.


Andrew Parsons

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