Funnel software enables you to turn potentially interested prospects into paying customer by using 'sales funnels'. Sales funnels are a different than a basic business website as they help guide your prospects through the funnel, where you content does the sale for you. The funnel will lead your prospect to a specific landing page to present your product, and the to follow up email sequence that are specifically designed to sell your product if the sale is not initially made. Funnel software will give you a platform to faciliate this process to help you earn more sales. The overall concept is that every sale starts with a large number of prospects that go through your funnel, and a much smaller number of prospects will actually purchase your product. If you get enough prospects into your funnel, you can make consistent sales.

Clickfunnels was created in 2014 by Russel Brunson, who is a very well known and renowned internet marketer in the industry. Their landing page editor is easy to use and they give you great templates to use and work off of.  The starter plan is $97 per month, in which you can build up to 20 funnels and 100 webpages. This is all you would need if you are starting out and I recommend them because I have used this platform their platform.  They offer a 14-day free trial, so you can take it for a test run. However, there are less expensive options for those who are a little more experienced.  Clickfunnels has one great feature which allows you to share funnels you've built with prospects. This is key if want to be an affiliate and refer the software to others. You can make affiliate sales because in these caseds, because in order to use someone's funnel, you must be a paying member of Clickfunnels.
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WEBSITE AND SALES FUNNEL BUILDER is an all-in-one platform that offers pretty much everything an online-marketer needs. This includes a funnel builder, hosting, live chat, autoresponders, optin pages, and even a lead database (known as a CRM or customer relationship manager). They also offer video hosting - so if you need a place to host and store videos, you may want to consider Kartra to suit your needs.  If you are at an intermediate level or higher as an internet marketer, Karta is a good platform to contain all of your online tools in one place.  They offer a 14-day free trial for $1. The monthly cost for their beginner platform is $99 ($79 if billed annually). They also have a $199 month plan (Silver) and $299 month plan (Gold). 
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ProfitBuilder is a product that I use as a Clickfunnels alternative.  It's one of my favorite products, it's a WordPress plugin and theme, which means if you are familiar with Wordpress and you have some experience, this product will save you a lot of money.  The cost is a $67 one-time fee, so you would eliminate a monthly fee. The downside is you kind of have to know what you are doing with creating your own websites, installing Wordpress, then installing the plugin. It is not very difficult once you've done it a few times - and again the major upside is that it is very cost effective.   ProfitBuilder is an amazing website and funnel builder and they offer tons of free template you can use.  You will have full control of it via WordPress on your own website. No monthly feees. The core system is really the plugin.
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