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by Andrew Parsons
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If you are having a hard time earning income online, perhaps you might want to change your direction a bit. If you are like me, I will not stop pursuing my dream of earning a living from the comfortable confines of my home.


 I have been trying for a while to sell digital products and build my list. Building a list is your bread and butter. However, it takes time, money, sweat equity, and the ability to be consistent. With a busy life and VERY little cash, my timetable to create this list was taking way too long.

   I have tried many MLM business opportunities as well. Many opportunities out there really promise a lot. In most MLM pitches, its about being positive and not being scared to take chances.

   So you buy in, you are overwhelmed with information…. then your sponsor disappears on you…or better yet, he or she tries to get you to join their other opportunity after he/she sold you on the opportunity that you are in. I bet if you are reading this you may have experienced that before.

    After a few months, you have spent more money than you have coming in. And you read another email offer that promises to make you money in the next 15 days — which will allow you to get caught up (and allow you to overcome your losses from before). So you buy in again…only to end up spending more money than you have coming in. Again and again.

But you haven’t lost faith. You want to be successful.

I have to tell you, there IS another way.

  I really starting thinking about it. I decided I still want to run a business from home, but I just changed my approach. Instead of trying to sell digital products and driving traffic to MLM opportunities, why don’t I just do the old ‘buy low and sell higher’ route with physical products. It’s the old school method of earning money. The problem with this approach is that you have to purchase inventory, ship the goods, etc. It the type of work that a lot of online marketers don’t want to do. Most online marketers want to sell digital products (i.e.information) or a service. This way, you can put the business on autopilot with the right groundwork laid. But, and this is a BIG but, its easier said than done.

 I decided I was going to try my hand at selling products to earn cash on eBay. I watched a few youtube videos and sought out some blogs on the subject. In four years of attempting to earn money online, I NEVER considered selling on eBay. I hadn’t even created an account on eBaby in probably 10 years. I didn’t know really too much about it. I knew a lot of people sold on eBay, but really didn’t bother to pay attention to it. I was a little seduced by the digital information world — which is a VERY competitive market.

  I first opened a brand new eBay account. Then, my first first course of action was to purchase and read, “Starting an eBay Business For Dummies”. It took me a week to read it and I got a comprehensive view on the elements of running an eBay business. I have to say this upfront…this is A LOT of work. But, its exciting (and I am not afraid of work). If you are not afraid of putting the time into it, its actually VERY attainable to make money on eBay. There are several ways to do this by selling products –such as buying items at thrift stores, selling through drop shippers, consignment, etc. There are many ways to find products cheap and sell them on eBay. (as well as many other online sites).

Why Start an Ebay Business?

 There are many reasons for someone to start an eBay business. First, eBay is a viable option for someone to start out when you have less than a hundred dollars to get started with. While getting starting, you can start selling items you have around your home to get the feel of selling on eBay. Second, and this is vital for all of you who spend hours of your time and your hard earned money driving traffic to your websites. You don’t have to worry about traffic with eBay. Your goal is to learn how to find items for a lower price than you can sell them for. Sure, it will take some time to learn how to do that, but you WILL make progress and you WILL sell items. The key to listings is giving your listings the right titles based on keywords. Ebay is such a huge marketplace and the traffic is there. Its a buyer driven site, so your goal is to create your listings to be appealing and establish a good feedback history. Once you establish good feedback, you will have buyer confidence.

After you have tried selling items on Ebay, you will know whether you enjoy the work or not– because it is WORK. However, if you have the work ethic, sky is the limit. You can start buying wholesale, dropship your products, and even exand to other sites like Etsy.com, Addoway.com, eCrater.com, and blujay.com…just to name a few.

I am still in the process of building good feedback on eBay and I just landed by first dropshipping account. I will keep you posted on my progress, so check for future posts about my progression.

To your success,

Andrew Parsons



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