Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is Amazon's publishing platform that allows independent authors to access readers around the world, without going through a traditional press. In a matter of hours, anybody can create an author account, upload their book files, and sell their book through Amazon — all without any setup cost. There are also other platforms you can use for self-publishing. They key is to follow a proven system which enables you to search the right niches where books online are being purchased.  The quality of your books are also so very important, as well as editing, formatting, compelling and eye catching book covers, and book titles.  Click the learn more button to see how to go about utilizing the proper tools to get your publishing business flourishing.

One of the more laborious tasks of finding Kindle books that are profitable is doing niche research and determining which books are selling. This can be done manually by browsing through best selling books in your niche to determine which ones are selling and then modeling that book and creating a better version of it. KDSPY software will allow you to search and locate which books are selling with revenue estimates on Amazon in real time. This can be done with a simple search query and can save you hours of time and energy. This tool will also highly increase your chanes of you creating a book that sells. 
Ewritersolutions is my go to site for getting my books written. I have been using them since 2016 and they are very reasonably priced. The site was started in 2015 and I have also gotten quality writing done through them.  They offer individual services like just getting the book written, or you can get your book written, edited, formatted, add royalty free images, copyright pages, plagiarism reports, etc. This is a quality resource for anyone who strives to become a book publisher. 
This is another ghostwriting website which I have not used, but it was recommended to me by a good source. They offer native English speaking writers and are US based. They can write your e-books, blogs, articles, and translations. Their pricing is a little higher than Ewritersolutions, but this site would be my backup if I chose another site. 
This site has probably been used by just about every single online marketer out there. If you want anything done for you that is either a website, logo, banner, transcription, video creation, ebook cover, audio voice over, script writer, etc. You name it, you can find it on for an affordable price. 
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