Below is a list of affordable paid courses where you can take the knowledge you already have with your business  and get additional training. Yes, you can succeed without buying a paid course. However, your learning curve will be much smaller by learning from the wisdom of others who can guide you like a mentor. Remember, success leaves clues!


By Anthony Morrison
This 30 day course provides video lessons on how to build an affiliate marketing business from scratch. So if you have never had any experience, this is great for beginners.  It includes 30 sessions, and about 3-5 videos per session. These training sessions are spoon fed to you each day, in 24 hours intervals. You can’t watch all of them in one sitting. You have to wait 24 hours once the last session you completed has been finished in order to gain access to the next one.  The course specifically is built around setting you up with your own domain name, your own email address (not a free email address like gmail, but your own business email domain), landing pages, bridge pages, affiliate links, your own email autoresponder, tracking software, and drive traffic. 
By John Thornhill
John Thornhill's specialty is helping online marketers succeed by helping them create and launch their first digital product. This is ideal if you are brand new to the internet marketing world. This really isn't a course, as it is a plug-n-play system.  This program gives you a complete custom-built webinar funnel that is ready to generate subscribers and take orders.  This includes 365 days worth of follow up emails, with affiliate offers built in with the ability to potentially generate sales daily over the next year. If you don't have time to learn all this stuff and want a ready made affiliate marketing business, I recommend this program. All you would have to do is drive traffic to your webinar free training funnel. I wish I had this available when I first started.
By John Crestani
John Crestani is a very successful affiliate marketer and expert. He is also a YouTuber who provide a ton of free content. In this power packed affiliate marketing course, you will get all of his expertise on how to earn a full time living doing affiliate marketing.  John has been recognized by Forbes,, Business Insider, as well as dozens of other publications for his success and expertise. He has also sold his product via television informercials.  The training sytem is set up for beginners or intermediary marketers who haven't had any success making money online. This training is the real deal if you have the true desire to succeed. It won't be easy, but it definintley can be done if you are determined to succeed.


By Matt Par
This is a comprehensive course geared around how to build a YouTube 'niche' channel. A niche channel is a specific YouTube channel that does not require you to be on camera. You create videos that are value driven but do not show your face in any video. The idea is that you can remove yourself from the 'influencer' requirement, and simply create videos that are compelling enough to go viral and get your channel monetized based on these videos. Once it is monetized, you continue to build momentum by continuing to create videos and watch your channel grow. This strategy is illustrated step-by-step in this course, and Matt will show you how to oursource all the video creation process in order to make it profitable.  If you have some experience with YouTube and internet marketing, this course is perfect for you to succeed.. If you are just getting started, this course will take you by the course and guide you even if you have no experience.
BYE 9 TO 5
By Jordan Mackey
Jordan Mackey provides over 50 hours of video training to help set up a YouTube automation niche channel. The course will walk you through YouTube basics, video topic research, how to create and edit your videos, SEO training to make your videos go viral, and most importantly, how to outsource the video creation. The program is very comprehensive, and will cover all the bases. This training is experience and skill at work, where all you have to do is follow the steps and implement the training.  He also goes into advanced monetization techniques such as affiliate marketing and high ticket offers. There is a free training link you can follow to get all the details of the course, and you can view the list of modules on the sales page. 


By Jason Gandy
This is an amazing, step-by-step course that will teach you to succeed with the 'Print-on-Demand' business model.  The print-on-demand business model allows you to create, or 'print' custom designed items after they are ordered. You will not have to print hundreds of shirts or mugs or other items and store them in a warehouse hoping that they are items that appeal to your customers. This reduces your financial risk, and you never have to worry about running out of stock. This course walks you through how to utilize online tools and websites to get your business up and running, even if you don't have any graphic design experience. You will be amazed on how easy it is to get started and perhaps start making money in the next couple of days with this course. 


By Eli Natoli
Eli's course is amazing on how to create your own online course. Now a lot people who are aspiring entrepreneur's don't think about online course creation because they think you have to have a certification or be an expert. The reality is that online courses are based on 'result' outcomes, not credentials. We've been taught to learn from people with credentials (think college professor), but with the rise of the internet and online courses, your customers can learn from someone for a lot less money. You will be teaching your course based on how to get 'results'. It doesn't matter if you have a PHD. If you know how to get results, and you can teach and demonstrate that via your online course in an efficient way, and at an affordable price, then your course can and will sell online.


By Stephan James
I've been following Stephan for about 10 years now, and I first took his Kindle publishing e-book course back in 2014. This course is very thorough and Stephan is an expert in how to be successful with e-book publishing.  The course walks you through all the steps on how to get started with Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), which is an Amazon platform. By creating and uploading one e-book onto the KDP platform, you can convert that one e-book into a total of 4 income streams with the digital version, audio version, paper back version, and the hard back version. For someone who is focused and immerses themselves into succeeding with Kindle publishing, you can be earning a very handsome passive income in a just a few short months. 


By Bailey Varness
Bailey Varness has been a voice over industry for over 15 years. When it comes to something so specific and outside the box like voice over narration, you will want to take a course by someone who has a lot of personal experience.  Most aspiring entrepreneurs aren't really aware of the huge opportunity that is available to them with audiobooks. It's a bit of a hidden treasure and if you have any theater or acting background, this should be right in your wheelhouse. Perhaps you have thought about starting a YouTube channel and how you can leverage your natural talent and stage presence? Take a look at Bailey's course and see if this may be something you might want to pursue.
By Olivia Ann Belfie
Another good course for those who are interested in audiobook narration or just want to understand the basics of what may be required. Olivia has narrated over 30 books on the ACX platform, so she can walk you through how to get started and share her experiences. Her strengths are illustrating how you can get through the editing process rather quickly and master the technical process, as you don't need to be an 'audio engineer' to do this professionally. This course is a bit more simple, but a good course to get you up and running. 
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