Affiliate Marketing on YouTube – Make Money with Little or No Subscribers

by Andrew Parsons
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Affiliate Marketing on YouTube versus Adsense

Affiliate Marketing on YouTube is believed to the quickest way of making money with little or no subscribers at all. YouTube offers a huge platform for beginners who want to delve into making money online with with little or no following.

Affiliate products can be promoted leveraging YouTube in a relatively short period of time. It is done by including links to products that your review in your video description box. When viewers click the link and purchase the product you will receive a commission. You can promote affiliate offers with just about any product or service in your niche of choice. Let’s look at the major traffic methods used my affiliate marketers below. You can see that promoting your affiliate links with YouTube videos is one of the more fast-tracked strategies. The question is: are you ready to get in front of the camera and provide educational value to your audience? Affiliate marketing on YouTube is designed for those who are ready to do just that.



The ‘pay per click’ model of advertising is very popular, but is only recommended if you have a budget for it. Even more important is you should have the expectation to test and tweak your campaigns until they are profitable. Pay per click is used to drive the traffic to a particular website. You only pay when your advertisement is clicked. This method is really for experienced marketers who have a budget for it. If you just dive in as a beginner, it could cost you a lot of money in short amount of time.


Social media is one of the most prominent platforms for generating traffic. Many of your potential customers can be found on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and YouTube. This is the area of focus I recommend, specifically YouTube.


If you love to write and know how to set up a blog site, then blog posts are a great way to share the affiliate links to generate traffic. This can take some time because it is dependent on search engine optimization for your site to be ranked by the search engines. Ensure you do not sell the product directly but offer information and benefits of the products in your content for the best results.


Email marketing is one of the most traditional forms and is still alive today. Almost 64% of the top companies still believe that email is the best way of generating traffic for affiliate links. The return of investment using the email platform is quite high which is why this platform is very popular. Building your email list can take some time, so be prepared to build it and reap the rewards in the long term.


Search Engine Optimization is very popular for generating traffic to websites or affiliate links. SEO requires the content on your website to be optimized based on specific keywords for your site to be found by the search engines – specifically Google. Your page should have a well-formed meta description, meta title, and H1/H2 tags. There is also off page SEO where you list your website on search directories and web 2.0 submissions sites, which is the process of link building so your site will have more authority.

YouTube Affiliate Marketing is one of the best platforms to start making money in a reasonable about of time by creating tutorial and demonstration videos. You just have to create videos that lead viewers to your suggested affiliate links. Pay close attention as I said ‘suggested’ links. You are simply advising them if they want to purchase the product for themselves, they can do that by clicking the link. There is no hard selling with this method and you are building trust with you audience by providing value. When customers click the links and/or purchase the product, you get paid a percentage of the sale.

Now it is pretty simple to start your YouTube channel and start promoting products. There are certain steps to follow to get started.


To get started you first have to select a niche. Ensure you select your niche in something that you are interested in and have good knowledge about. If you are interested in sneakers then ensure you open a channel that serves a niche for sneaker lovers.


At present, there are several affiliate programs that you can join to start your affiliate marketing journey. Amazon’s affiliate marketing program is a well known for physical products. You can Google most big retailer brands like Walmart, Target, Lowe’s, Wayfair, etc. and just add the word ‘affiliate program’ and find their partner program details. You can also find several affiliate networks like, and to find great digital products to promote.


Now that you have selected a niche and chosen an affiliate program, you are ready to start your channel. Start out by producing videos that are educational and give value. The basis for this is to become an authority in your niche and educate – do not sell. Ensure that you keep your channel focused on your niche to attract customers. Eventually, you can start reviewing affiliate products and place affiliate link in the description. You will have to be sure to cloak the affiliate links with a link shortener such as as YouTube does not allow direct affiliate links per their terms of service. Once you get some traction and start getting subscribers and views, you may start earning commissions provided you have established trust and rapport with your audience.

If you are looking to get started with affiliate marketing, you can start with Parner with Anthony Program, which I recommend to those who are just getting started with a limited budget.


Andrew Parsons

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