Affiliate Marketing During COVID 19 | 3 Tips to Create a Full Time Income

by Andrew Parsons
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Affiliate Marketing During COVID 19

Opportunities are plentiful with affiliate marketing during COVID 19 as consumer buying behavior has changed and shopping has shifted to online purchases more than ever. Millions of consumers are more than likely to increase their online shopping after the pandemic comes to an end. By that time, most people who were not comfortable or acclimated to shopping online will have made the transition. This gives us a tremendous opportunity to leverage the internet and start an online business.

The ideal path for you depends on your background and experience with the internet. If you are just getting started or have experience with online businesses, I recommend affiliate marketing and an easy point of entry. The costs are minimal and the payoff is phenomenal – if you apply yourself and stay focused.

You can easily earn a passive income while your affiliate products are generating a full time income with affiliate marketing during COVID 19. Here are my three foundational tips to start earning.

  • TIP # 1 – Use YouTube to drive traffic to your affiliate links. YouTube is owned by Google, so by creating videos on YouTube, you will get exposure Google since YouTube is owned by Google. Google will prioritize videos in the search results because they want them rank high in their search results.
  • TIP #2 – Create DEMOS videos opposed to SALES videos – Many YouTubers make the mistake of tyring to ‘sell’ product – but the key is to deliver value and build trust from your audience. If the audience likes you and trust you, they will value your endorsement of product by the value you are providing them. The sale will happen organically if you provide a subtle call to action by directing them to an affiliate link in the video description. People buy from people. If they trust you, they will buy from you..
  • TIP #3 – Offer an irresistible bonus along with you offer. This will compel your prospects to buy when they are on the fence.

Just these three things can generate you a full time income with just a few hours work a week. That being said, keep in mind, you will have to apply yourself, do the work, and overcome obstacles when going through this process. Creating your YouTube channel, producing the content and videos, researching affiliate offers, choosing your niche, etc. will all taking planning and will require time and effort. However, it is very doable within a reasonable amount of time and if you stay consisent, you can maintain your video content output with only a few hours a week once you’ve got some momentum.

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